I was born a New Englander, lived in California for a few years, and just returned to the Eastern Seaboard. Now I call Brooklyn home.

My professional career began at the Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism, where I worked part-time for three years as a research assistant while attending Brandeis University. I was tasked with investigating a case of likely wrongful conviction—poring over police records and court transcripts, sifting through old newspaper clippings, and connecting the dots of a 20-year-old murder case. It was the best work study job ever.

After graduating from Brandeis with a Bachelor's in anthropology and a minor in journalism, I took my supervisor's place at the Schuster Institute and was promoted to Assistant Editor. I oversaw a team of 15 students, assigned them research tasks, and edited their memos. At the end of my tenure, one of our defendants was exonerated and released from prison after 21 years behind bars.

I then worked on a voter guide for MapLight, a nonprofit research organization that examines money's influence in politics. And after that, I pursued a writing career.

I secured an internship with the national magazine for the Sierra Club, writing for their website and fact-checking their print publication. That led to a six-month stint at Mother Jones, fresh off of its Magazine of the Year award win. I wrote online articles, rigorously fact-checked print and web pieces, and even got a piece of my own in the January/February 2018 edition—a rare feat for someone in my position.

After backpacking around Europe for the first half of 2018, I became a writer and editor for Ria Health, a telemedicine startup that treats alcoholism. I edit all of their blog posts and web copy, and contribute a blog post of my own every once in a while.

Outside of work I enjoy singing, chopping garlic, and singing while chopping garlic.

For a more detailed run-down of my experience, have a look at my LinkedIn profile or my resume. If you need some writing or editing done, send me an email.